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Yvon Poncelet was born in 1966, a native of Ostend. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. He’s a self-employed photographer since 1991 and since 2004  he teaches photography at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges. In addition to several large individual exhibitions, he also had smaller exhibitions and projects in Belgium and abroad. His work includes both "pure" reportage photography and photo studio technique.  He has a hunger for experiment and versatility. He takes apart his camera like a soldier his gun!

Yvon Poncelet is passionate about everything related to photography, He opened a house of photography in Ostende‘ Exposure Value’ in September 2013 together with his wife, Kristien Terryn. They offer visitors four photo exhibitions per season: a season in Exposure Value starts from September to March, on weekends (see ‘contact’ for more information)


You could say that the house is the ambassador for the medium photography in Ostend and Flanders. In addition to the the photo exhibitions, it is also a welcoming meeting place, where a large collection of photographic material is exhibited. One of their goals is to reach the general public, to make photography accessible.



Vis, gevangen vis.


Sept 2016/Jan 2017: 'On my way to the houses...impressions from Chili', de Fot'oeil, Sint Jacobskapelle Diksmuide

Februari 2016: 'Las 3 Casas de Pablo Neruda '- Nr13 Objectengaleri, Oostkamp.

Jan/Feb 2016: 'This is Ostend as well' part 2 -Nieuwe Gaanderijen Oostende together with author Paul Soete. Texts in Dutch on

May/June 2015 : ‘This is Ostend as well’ part 1– Exposure Value | Fotografiehuis Oostende together with author Paul Soete. Texts in Dutch on


September 2013 : Opening Exposure Value | House of Photography Yvon Poncelet


January 2011 : “Zodiac, a selection” Art Contemporary Gallery Croissant Brussels


July  2010 : “the Zodiac : 12 allegorical portraits”. in the old underground corridor “les pietons” Hypodroom | Horse Race, Oostende.


August 2010 : 2 exhibitions for “Aulnoix et Voix Festival” La Moselle (France) : “la Mer du Nord” and “Bal du Rat Mort”.


“Looking for marks of Bertold Brecht” : Berlin, Augsburg, Ammersee (D)

19 april - 29 april 2007 - Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Brugge


“Ostend Framed”
29 january - 10 april 2005 - Venetiaanse Gaanderijen Zeedijk Oostende in collaboration with the culture service of Ostend.


“Emulsion liftings”
 Imago 2005 : Knokke, Oudenburg, Brugge


“The grapeharvest by Yvon Poncelet”
10 july 2004 - 29 August 2004 - La Maison des Vins (Les Arcs/Provence, South of France).


“Art Meets Inktjet”
29 may - 27 june 2004 - Mutoh Oostende


“Las 3 casas de Pablo Neruda” : reportage on the 3 houses of Pablo Neruda: Santiago, Valparaiso and Isla Negra (Chile) 2004 - Ode to Neruda. In Box 38 Ostend (31/01 / 04-16 / 02/04) and later various cultural centers in Belgium (Lokeren, Antwerp, Ghent festivities, Bruges, Schoten World Festival, Lombardsijde, Diksmuide ...).


“the Grapeharvest”
July - August 2003 - Circuit Art et Vin - Château Saint-Baillon (Provence / South of France


“Emulsion Liftings”
2003 - Fort Napoleon, Contest Art 6


2002 - library Middelkerke


"24 hours of Oostende”
1999 - Art Gallery Casino Oostende


Group Exhibition
1998 - Cultural Center De Ster in Ichtegem


“Experimental antique”
1997 - Catacombines Casino Kursaal Oostende


1996 - Art Center de Peperbusse in Oostende


“Panoramic views of Ostend”
1996 - Catacombines Casino Kursaal Oostende


First exhibition : “Seagulls”
1992 - Art Center de Peperbusse in Oostende

  detail of 'Twins' of the Zodiac series 

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